An all-in-one hygiene systems from Attec, also known as Star-Clean modular hygiene stations, are the ultimate hygiene systems available to any food and pharmaceutical processing plant that require workers to perform more than one hygiene procedure before being allowed access to the clean production area.

The Star-Clean systems are modularly designed in that it allows the purchasers to customize the system to their exact hygiene requirements. Why is the modular nature of the Star-Clean hygiene systems important? It is important because the purchaser can purchase what they need or can afford at the time, and can always purchase additional hygiene functions later on and seamlessly incorporate it into their current set-up.

Some of the Star-Clean systems are space conscious and have compact footprints that require minimal space to operate. Despite, the compactness of the Star-Clean hygiene system, it is capable of providing many hygiene functions, including, hand sterilization, hand washing, sole cleaning, and boot cleaning.

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