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Boot Cleaning Machines
Boot cleaning machines are essential hygiene equipment in any facility where boots and boot soles can easily become contaminated with products. Meat processing plants and slaughterhouses are especially susceptible to having meat scraps and liquids from meat contaminating boots and soles. If boots and boot soles are not properly sanitized, dangerous bacteria, such as, e.coli, salmonella, and listeria can develop.

Attec boot washing systems would make ease of the boot cleaning process and require little effort on the part of the employees. Boot cleaning hygiene stations can help to increase productivity by eliminating the wasted time required for each employees to manually clean their boots each and every time they enter or exit the clean production area. The boot washing machines can quickly usher the employees back to their working stations after breaks.

Boot Cleaning Machine Type 23800   Boot Cleaning Machine Type 23830   Boot Cleaning Machine  
Type 23800   Type 23830   Type 23830-500  
Boot Cleaning Machine Type 23835   Boot Cleaning Machine   Boot Cleaning Machine Type 23840  
Type 23835   Type 23835-1000   Type 23840  
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Type 23800: Boot Cleaning Machine
Type 23830: Walk-through Boot Cleaning machine
Type 23830-500: Walk-through Boot Cleaning machine
Type 23835: Walk-Through Boot Cleaning Machine
Type 23835-1000: Walk-Through Boot Cleaning Machine
Type 23840: Duo-Type Apparatus
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