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Metal Detector Testing Supplies
Quality control is one of the most important aspects of bringing products to market. It can help to mitigate damages caused by accidental contamination of products due to foreign contaminants making their way into the final product.

Having a reliable metal detector is a great step to minimize product contamination. However, the metal detector should get tested regularly for optimal operation, settings and detection sensitivity.

Shawpak Systems supplies testing samples in various formats to help with the equipment testing process, which includes: Test balls, test cards, test plugs, test sticks, test tablets and test wands.

Each test sample contains one of the following contaminant in various sizes: Stainless steel, ferrous, and non-ferrous, contaminant sizes ranging from 0.39 mm to 10.0 mm.

Test Balls Test Balls
Applications: Compact PRO, Certus TS, Signature, Powerphase PRO, Throat, Pipeline, Gravity Flow
Test Cards Test Cards
Applications: Compact PRO, Certus TS, Signature, Powerphase PRO
Test Sticks Test Sticks
Applications: Compact PRO, Certus TS, Signature, Powerphase PRO
Test Tablets Test Tablets
Applications: Tablex 2, TablexMC, Tablex PRO, Pharma GF, Pharma GF PRO
Test Wands Test Wands
Applications: Pipeline
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Testing Supplies
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