TYPE 20555 W

  • Optimal hygienic design featuring a complete radii inner washing basin 
  • Stainless steel inflow fitting with water-saving aerator
  • Sensors integrated in the inflow fitting

The Type 20555W Cleaning Basin is a uniquely designed unit that is suited for the food and pharmaceutical processing industries. Featuring radii (rounded corners and joints) all over the entire inner cleaning basin making this unit very easy to clean, and since there are no 90 degree angles on the inside basin there is less opportunity for food to get trapped and for bacteria to develop.

The Type 20555W is available as washing troughs for 2 users up to 6 users. Featuring stainless steel double-walled trough body, stainless steel inflow fitting with water-saving aerator, and sensors integrated in the inflow fitting this cleaning trough is the best unit made by Attec Hygiene.


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